Shaping Growth

Through Innovation


In 2014, Hartalega embarked on a massive RM2.2 billion Next Generation Integrated Glove Manufacturing Complex (NGC) in Sepang, which will substantially boost our annual capacity from 14 billion to 42 billion pieces progressively. To date, 36 lines have started running since its first commission in early 2015.

The NGC project was accorded the EPP status (Entry Point Project), as part of the ETP or Government Economic Transformation Program due to its high economic impact. NGC will contribute significantly to the transformation of the glove industry in Malaysia from one that is regarded as low-tech and foreign labour intensive, to one that is acclaimed to as high-tech and innovation driven with large number of skilled workforce.

At the core of Hartalega’s expansion, is our passion for product innovation and engineering technologies. The new innovation model concentrates on science-based R&D and proprietary engineering technologies that will generate patents and tacit company know-how. This new generation of science-based R&D will create opportunities for new sources of market growth.


6 High-Tech Production Plants

  • High level automation with sophisticated monitoring system
  • Fastest production lines in the world running at 45,000 pcs/hr
  • Interchangeable production lines between natural & synthetic rubber
  • Comprising a total of 72 world’s most technologically advanced glove production lines

Centre of Excellence (R&D)

  • Advanced R&D facilities
  • Employment of scientists to carry out research and development
  • Collaboration with institutions of higher learning on research projects to become a centrepiece of global excellence

Renewable Energy

  • Environmentally friendly clean energy technology
  • Utilisation of alternative energy sources such as biomass as opposed to natural gas
  • State-of-the-art technology in fuel management system and also highest standards in pollution control
  • To contribute 22% of thermal energy requirement

Talent Development & Learning Centre

  • Knowledge management centre that captures, develops and shares knowledge for organisational learning
  • 20,000 sq. ft. space for training and development
  • Collaboration with universities for internship programs
  • CSR programs – subsidised vocational training to the community

Sports & Recreational Complex

  • Indoor and outdoor sporting facilities to promote healthy working environment
  • Sufficient green lustre with seating benches and barbeque areas
  • Sporting and recreational facilities that are open to surrounding communities as part of our commitment to CSR

Conducive Living Environment

  • Workers’ quarters designed for conducive living
  • Architectured with aesthetic design
  • Lush green landscaping
  • Sustainable technology for water treatment