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Goodpac+TM Technology

Hartalega, the unrivalled global leader, is dedicated to enhancing glove dispensing user experience with Goodpac+TM, a cutting-edge smart packing technology.

Packed with our 100% fully automated interleave manufacturing system, Goodpac+TM ensures that the glove user is always the first to make contact with the glove, resulting in the highest level of hygiene and safety.

The interleave layering approach and smart dispensing technology that dispenses one glove at a time make donning easy and effortless. The cuff-first approach effectively safeguards against contamination by hindering users from touching the dispensing opening or gloves inside the vertical dispenser design.

  • Cuff-first approach that boosts hygiene.
  • Single-glove dispensing method that enhances infection control. This minimises glove usage errors and ensures that each glove is dispensed cleanly and efficiently. This approach also eliminates the risk of contamination to unused gloves, resulting in a 93% cross-contamination reduction and an 89% mould contamination reduction.
  • 100% fully automated interleave production guarantees the gloves remain untouched by human hands throughout the entire manufacturing process and that the end user is the first person to touch the gloves.
  • Cuff first dispensing allows ease of donning process.
  • Single-glove dispensing creates a significantly quicker donning process where users do not need to deal with the hassle caused by multiple dispensing.
  • 100% fully automated interleaved packing stops gloves from sticking together.
  • No more multiple dispensing. Zero accidental glove wastage.
  • Optimise warehouse space as Goodpac+ packs the gloves compactly, providing additional warehouse space than traditional packing.
  • The Goodpac+ packing system is essential to overcome limited storage in healthcare facilities.
  • Economise shipping containers for greater environmental sustainability.
  • Cost-saving on pallet loads and transportation as Goodpac+ packing system allows more gloves to be transported and stored per cubic metre.
The endless challenge:
Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)
of healthcare worker’s hand are
contaminated with bacteria
from occupied patient rooms.4
HAIs occur every year in
acute and long-term care
facilities in EU/EEA.6
Threats of Medical Glove Contamination
Traditional glove box design:
Research studies have confirmed that traditional glove boxes and the gloves within them often become contaminated as a result of repeated and unavoidable contact with multiple users55
Traditional glove packing:
Overpacked dispensers can cause multiple gloves to be dispensed at once − increasing the risk of reusing contaminated gloves to save on costs.
4. Chemaly, Roy F et al. “The role of the healthcare environment in the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms: update on current best practices for containment.” Therapeutic advances in infectious disease vol. 2,3-4 (2014): 79-90. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4250270/
5. Assadian, O., Leaper, D., Kramer, A., & Ousey, K. (2016). Can the design of glove dispensing boxes influence glove contamination? Journal of Hospital Infection, 94(3), 259–262. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhin.2016.09.005
6. World Health Organization (WHO). (2021). World Hand Hygiene Day 2021, Key Facts and Figure. https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-hand-hygiene-day/2021/key-facts-and-figures
The perpetual puzzle: Limited storage for healthcare facilities
The infinite dilemma: carbon emissions

Carbon footprints of the glove are also expected to rise as year-on-year rubber glove demand increases by 10-12%.

Warehouses emit carbon dioxide through heating, cooling, lighting, and material handling, accounting for 13% of total supply chain emissions.

Goodpac+TM is a value-driven packaging that minimises the environmental impact of packaging and supports a more sustainable supply chain. It is a packaging solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible, helping businesses to balance their economic and environmental priorities.