Growing right, touching lives

The Hartalega story began in 1988. Our insatiable appetite to constantly surpass our own achievements has transformed what started as a single line production facility into what we are today, the largest producer of nitrile gloves in the world, with growing capacity to manufacture billions of gloves every year.

Beyond a participant in the glove-manufacturing industry, today, we pave the way forward through our commitment to innovation. As a result, we are home to advanced proprietary manufacturing technology that allows us to safeguard the quality of our products and the efficiency of our operations. Our unrivalled proprietary technology provides us with an important competitive edge as we own the fastest production lines in the industry, producing more than 45,000 gloves per hour.

As we grow by leaps and bounds, we are single-minded in ensuring that we make a meaningful difference by ensuring that all the lives we touch are protected and enhanced, be it healthcare practitioners and the people they care for, Hartanians, the communities we operate within, our shareholders or our various partners and stakeholders.

Current production capacity

44 billion

gloves annually
Targeted production capacity

95 billion

gloves annually

Our vision

To be the Number One glove company that produces and delivers the best and most innovative gloves in the world; and to be recognised as a caring company to the community and environment.

Our Vison Image
Our Mission Image

Our mission

To deliver the best possible protection to people who work with their hands in exposed and challenging environments by providing consistently superior, safer, and more convenient gloves in chosen product markets.

Touching the lives around us

We Are Hartalega
We Are Hartalega
We Are Hartalega