Upholding highest standard of Business practices and product quality

We are resolute in our commitment to our role within the global glove sector to deliver high-quality nitrile gloves to protect lives across the world. Our passion for innovation enables us to consistently provide products and services that adapt to the needs of the market and our clientele. In tandem, we constantly strive to uphold best practices in governance, transparency, and integrity throughout our operations and within our value chain, unlocking value for the Group and our stakeholders.

Material Sustainability Matters

Whistleblowing platform
Awareness promotion on whistleblowing platform managed by a third-party professional service provider.
Key Policies
Establishment of key policies including Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure, Supplier Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Employees and Directors.
Annual refresher training for all employees on policies.
Corruption Risk Assessment
Conducted risk assessment to identify and assess potential bribery and corruption risks.
Innovative product
Launched new Polychloroprene Examination Glove which offers alternative solution for glove users with latex allergies.
Innovative solution
Developed GoodPacTM - a smart packing system designed to ensure single glove dispensing, preventing glove wastage due to contamination.
Sustainable packaging
Product packaging made of materials that are recyclable and sustainable.
High quality product
robust Quality Management System (QMS)
Quality Control
detailed sampling plans, stringent inspection and testing procedures.
Research and Development (R&D)
increase output and develop products that are attuned to the needs of the market.
Supplier Code of Conduct
Outlines our firm stance and strict standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility which applies to all our suppliers, contractors and service providers.
Supply Chain Assessment
A process which includes pre-assessment, due diligence, evaluation to ensure strict social compliance by suppliers.
Screening of suppliers
Improved screening process by performing environmental and social impact assessments on all new and existing suppliers categorised as high-risk.
Project UNISON
Embarked on Project UNISON to build an optimised end-to-end supply chain operation.
Contributing to the economic development of local communities
provide employment opportunities for local communities and upskilling avenues for local talent among our vendors
Strengthened our local presence
our facilities having the fastest and most efficient production line in the industry.
Reinforced our global presence
Our distribution arm, MUN, a key enabler to reinforce our global presence.
Ramping up our digitalisation efforts
Adoption of IR 4.0 and IoT technologies
Strengthening our cybersecurity
Implemented an Intrusion Prevention System to enhance protection of the Operational Technology environment from cyber threats
Cybersecurity risk management
Enhanced IT security awareness among our employees through the circulation of periodic newsletter and performed simulations.
Elevate customer experience
Steadily supported the global healthcare sector by continuously delivering exemplary services and products
Advancing in customer engagement
Adopted a cloud-based customer relationship management system
Achieving high customer satisfaction
Understanding customer perspectives on key areas such as timely delivery, product quality, cost and service levels through survey.

Our Key Achievements

More than RM30 million of investments in R&D initiatives since FY2020.
Expanded R&D team by approximately 86%.
Our Biodegradable Gloves (BDG) is formulated with an organic additive which allows accelerated biodegradation rate upon disposal in landfills.
More than 90% of product packaging made from recyclable materials.
1st to develop develop GoodPacTM - a smart packing system designed to ensure single glove dispensing, which prevents glove wastage and contamination.
Fastest glove production lines in the industry at a speed of 45,000 pieces per hour.
Spending in local procurement increased from 70% to 73%.
Total workforce of more than 9000 as of 31 March 2022.
Achieved customer satisfaction score of 85%.
Invested RM600,000 into strengthening our cybersecurity system.