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Kick-start your career with DRIP

Step into the spotlight with Hartalega’s DRIP - Dynamic Growth Internship Programme, where we are turning the mundane into the extraordinary. Say goodbye to the conventional and hello to a journey that's all about dynamic growth, the kind that makes waves and turns heads. We are not your typical internship; we are the ultimate fusion of growth, innovation, and style, wrapped up in one unforgettable experience.

At DRIP, we are all about pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and sculpting a version of yourself that's destined for greatness. Our program isn't just about coffee runs and paperwork; it's about diving headfirst into impactful projects, guided by industry mavericks who have been there, done that, and are here to show you the ropes. Think of us as your creative catalyst, your innovation incubator, and your growth guru all rolled into one. Get ready to drip with confidence as you navigate the cutting-edge realms of your chosen field, soaking in knowledge, seizing opportunities, and dripping coolness every step of the way.

Welcome to DRIP - where growth isn't just a phase, it's a lifestyle.


Why should you apply for DRIP?

DRIP Roadmap

Intern Testimonials

Nor Syaheera Binti Ramli

My Internship journey here has been impressive. I find the team helpful and I have always been able to turn to them to guide me in undertaking projects and tasks assigned. What I find very special is that I am treated like I am a part of the team, even beyond working hours.

Nor Syaheera Binti Ramli
Fong Jia Yi

I love the working environment in Hartalega. They have very well-planned and structured programmes, which enabled me to learn so much, particularly from my mentors. This internship makes me excited about the opportunity to be absorbed as an employee in the future.

Fong Jia Yi
Lingeshwara A/L Manveeran

Thank you Hartalega for this amazing opportunity. It was the experience of a lifetime. Through my internship, I was able to employ theoretical knowledge in a real working environment. I have picked up a great deal in terms of skills, techniques and work ethics, which I will take with me into the future.

Lingeshwara A/L Manveeran

We are open for applications all year!

  • Industry-leading remuneration
  • Paid leaves (annual leave & medical leave)
  • Impactful projects
  • Engagement with leaders
  • Free on-site healthcare
  • Permanent employment opportunity
  • Endless learning opportunity
  • Currently studying in a degree programme
  • CGPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Open disciplines of study
  • Minimum internship duration of 3 months
Apply with us with
Apply with us with:
  • Resume
  • Latest education transcripts/certificates
  • Support letter from your academic institution


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