There is nothing greater and more important than having good health. Only with good health are we able to fully have a good quality life.

Especially as the world’s leading nitrile glove manufacturer, we fully understand the importance of having good healthcare. We are committed to do our part, in raising awareness, providing financial aid and other forms of assistance towards having a safe and healthy community.

Medical equipment support to UMMC and Hospital Banting

In response to the rising COVID-19 cases in Malaysia and dire need for Glove donation for COVID-19 school New exciting project medical equipment at hospitals to aid in the treatment of the disease, Malaysian COVID-19 programme coming soon... frontliners Yayasan Hartalega contributed equipment worth over RM667,000, to alleviate the burden of frontliners at two healthcare facilities.

UMMC – In June 2021, we contributed ventilators (Oxylog 3000 plus) and humidifiers (AIRVO 2) with integrated flow generators that deliver high flow, warmed and humidified respiratory gases for spontaneously breathing patients at UMMC. We also donated various medical equipment including oxygen regulators for ventilators, hydraulic body lifts and oxygen concentrators.

Hospital Banting – In addition, we contributed medical equipment, including electric ICU and delivery beds, mattresses, bedside racks, overbed tables, and sleeper chairs worth more than RM88,000 to aid the hospital during the pandemic.

Aiding the Malaysian COVID-19 frontliners

A shortage of PPE could endanger the health of our frontliners, as they rely on PPE to protect themselves and their patients from being infected and infecting others. As one of the leading glove manufacturers, we are committed to upholding our role in supporting our brave frontliners in the fight to stop the spread of the pandemic.

We contributed more than two million pieces of gloves, along with PPE items such as face masks as well as hand sanitisers to healthcare facilities across the nation. We also donated PPE to frontliners from Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah, Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah, Majlis Daerah, Pejabat Tanah and Bomba, along with other Government agencies and organisations such as Majlis Keselamatan Negara, the Selangor State Government, Air Selangor, MERCY Malaysia and Hospis Malaysia. On top of this, we contributed a total of RM1 million to The Edge COVID-19 Health Care Workers

Donation of wheelchairs to the underprivileged community

Understanding the needs of the underprivileged community in Bestari Jaya, we have donated ten wheelchairs to ADUN Ijok to be distributed to those who need it most to carry on their daily lives.

As an organisation that cares, we are committed to continuing working together with like-minded organisations, associations, and individuals to help improve the livelihood of the surrounding community. We truly believe that we can do so much more together!