Pursuit of Perfection


Hartalega's status as the world's largest manufacturer of clinical Nitrile gloves, can be attributed to our innovative manufacturing technologies and advanced technologies. Our place at the forefront of the industry is credited to our progressive systems which enhance the speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness of our production. Our eagerness to continuously improve, maintains our place as innovative leaders in our field.

High-efficiency Production Lines
Our latest production lines in our sixth plant can produce up to 45,000 pieces of gloves in just one hour; this is our very own proprietary system which no other manufacturer can replicate. Every aspect of our production is closely monitored with state-of-the-art information technology, able to provide real-time updates either on site, or remotely. This gives us total overview, making it easier to identify, and quickly rectify any potential issue, minimising downtime.

Glove Removal System
To match our high speed production lines, we needed a way to strip gloves off the moulds swiftly and safely. In 1995, we created the industry's first automated mechanical stripping system which was able to remove both Latex and Nitrile gloves efficiently.

We still use this proprietary system, which can remove more than 45,000 gloves per hour, a performance that remains unrivalled to this very day.

Automated Product Handling System
From forming the gloves and removal, to packaging and warehousing, Hartalega's manufacturing process is highly automated. It is not only important to maintain speed and efficiency, but also to minimise the risk of contamination due to virtually zero human contact.

The use of high-tech information systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Barcode Traceability System also ensure our products’ movements are constantly monitored for on time delivery.

Biomass Heat Energy Plant
Wherever possible, we embrace renewable energy to complement our production. This foresight has not only kept costs low, but also allows us to conduct our business with optimal efficiency.

Our biomass energy plant is the first in the industry to be registered with the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (Kyoto Protocol) as a carbon neutral and environmentally-friendly plant burning plantation waste such as oil palm empty fruit bunch fibres.

The plant supplies heat to our production process, and
demonstrates our commitment towards conserving the

Process Simulator
The constant innovation of new gloves is part of Hartalega's aim to offer products that meet the evolving demands of the worldwide market. We've invested extensively in research and development facilities as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation.

The R&D technology we utilise is a process simulator, which can precisely simulate our glove manufacturing process within a wide range of parameters. This fully automatic system provides accurate repeatability, which enables our R&D team to test the production of new glove specifications with ease and efficiency.