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Board Of Directors

Datuk Seri Nurmala Binti Abd Rahim

Independent non-executive director

Datuk Seri Nurmala binti Abd Rahim was appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director on 23 August 2016. Datuk Seri Nurmala is a member of the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Risk Management Committee. She holds various qualifications, which are B.A. Hons. Social Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia (1977), Diploma in Public Administration, INTAN (1978) and M.A. Public Administration, Pennsylvania State University, USA (1988).

Datuk Seri Nurmala has a vast experience working with the Government for 38 years as a Diplomatic and Administrative Officer in various capacities in the field of public management, training, planning, coordinating, financial management, ISO 9000, marketing and promotion, performance evaluation of Government Agencies as well as international trade relations and negotiations.

She has held various positions in the past, which include Assistant Secretary, International Division, Ministry of Agriculture; Assistant Secretary, Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Agriculture; Principal Private Secretary to the Hon. Minister of Agriculture (1978-1984); Senior Project Officer, National Institute Of Public Administration (INTAN) (1984-1986), Assistant Director/Principal Assistant Director, MAMPU, Prime Minister’s Department (1988-2002); Director of ASEAN Division, Ministry of International Trade And Industry (MITI) (2002-2004); Minister Counsellor, MITI Office, Malaysian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan (2004-2006); Senior Director, Strategic Planning Division, MITI; Senior Director, Management Services, MITI (2006); Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (2007) and Secretary General, Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (2011-2014).

She also currently holds a non-executive directorship position in DPI Holdings Berhad.

Datuk Seri Nurmala Binti Abd Rahim