Superior Quality and Protection


Hartalega offers a range of products, superior in quality, and critical protection. There is no compromise in our manufacturing standards, in fact we are proud to consistently exceed international quality standards. This is why we are known and trusted, worldwide.

Gloves by Market Segment

Whether you are in manufacturing, healthcare or laboratory environment; you can enjoy comfort, protection, hygiene and cost-effectiveness in Hartalega's range of gloves.

Nitrile Gloves

Since 2002, Hartalega has been in the forefront of Nitrile gloves production. That's over a decade of producing the world's best Nitrile gloves, along with the introduction of major technological improvements in Nitrile glove manufacturing that has cemented our reputation the world over.

Latex Gloves

Before Hartalega focused primarily on producing nitrile gloves, we were already known for our exceptional quality latex gloves. In fact, our latex gloves were considered to be the ‘gold standard' in terms of quality and consistency, and still are to this very day.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

For over 2 decades, Hartalega has been a reputed OEM, delivering consistent quality with reliable turnaround time for some of the world's famous brands.

Our promise of quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness has made us a sought-after producer for many famous global brands. Our export markets include high quality demand countries such as America, Germany, Japan and Australia among many others.