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Revolutionary ideas at our fingertips

Back when Hartalega first came to be, we knew our focus was always going to be geared towards the future. Our philosophy has, and will continue to be, looking beyond the needs of the present and anticipating the latent products of tomorrow.

Innovation has always been in our DNA, from the very beginning. We’ve cultivated a history of invention and development of new solutions that has now become the foundation for our global success. We noticed its tangible effects in 2002 with our introduction of the lightweight nitrile glove, where waves of new demand in the marketplace took form.

We’re happy that this kind of mindset has helped catalyse others as well, promoting significant industry advancements with our ripple effect.

Latest in innovation: Antimicrobial Gloves (AMG)

Actively killing 99.999% of microbes within 5 minutes upon contact, Hartalega’s Antimicrobial Gloves (AMG) keep the wearer safe by reducing healthcare-associated infections and cross contamination.

Our Industry’s Firsts


Antimicrobial Gloves

First to create non-leaching Antimicrobial Gloves that kill up to 99.999% bacteria.

Colloidal Oatmeal Coated gloves

First to create Colloidal Oatmeal Coated gloves (COATS) that are clinically proven to improve skin moisture and skin barrier functionality.

light weight

First to develop light weight nitrile gloves, which initiated a global switch from latex to nitrile gloves.


First to commercially produce high stress relaxation nitrile gloves.

polymer coated

First to develop polymer coated powder free examination gloves.



First to develop automated glove stripping machine.


First to implement double former production lines.


First to develop GoodPac – a smart packing system designed to ensure single glove dispensing, which prevents glove wastage and contamination

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Innovation Finding

Our pursuit to manufacturing perfection