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Hartalega Drives Tree Planting Efforts

In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, Hartalega organised a riparian tree replanting initiative along the Selangor River.

This initiative was conducted in collaboration with Kelab Alami Kawa, a social enterprise which focuses on local youth empowerment through environmental education. Also supporting this effort were Persatuan Pendayung Kelip-kelip Kampung Kuantan, Universiti Malaya’s Water Warriors, Cardiff University, as well as the local community.

Masbudi Abdul Malek, Kelab Alami Kawa’s facilitator, explained that the area along the Selangor River was exposed to soil erosion and had also become a site for illegal dumping by the public. As a result, there is an urgent need to restore the landscape as well as to raise awareness on sustainable environmental practices among the local community.

Hartalega Community Affairs Senior Executive, Mr. Yoges Balaras, said “Hartalega regularly organises activities such as these to instill greater environmental awareness amongst our employees as well as the local community. Through this tree replanting initiative, all volunteers including our Hartanians learnt more about the importance of protecting and conserving the river’s ecosystem. It is vital to preserve the Selangor River’s rich biodiversity, especially because it serves as a habitat for fireflies. In addition, the river plays an important role in the socioeconomic welfare of the local community.”

More than 30 volunteers from all walks of life came together to support this initiative. Over much hard work, jovial laughter and bonding, we successfully planted a total of 100 mangrove and palm trees within an hour.

The aim of this replanting initiative is to foster stronger collaboration between the community and relevant parties in order to protect and conserve the Selangor River’s rich biodiversity not just for today’s society, but also for generations to come. On that day, volunteers gained a deeper understanding on the importance of co-existing harmoniously with our environment. Hartalega remains committed to continue making positive contributions to the environment and society through its various initiatives.

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