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Hartalega Contributes to Mangrove Preservation Efforts

In line with the company’s commitment towards promoting environmental sustainability, 40 volunteers from Hartalega and its global distribution arm, MUN, gathered at KSNP early on a Saturday morning. They then set forth on a four hour clean-up session which resulted in the removal of nearly 300 kilograms worth of rubbish from the mangrove forest.

Kuan Vin Seung, Human Resources Director of Hartalega Holdings Berhad, commented: “At Hartalega, we strive to grow in a sustainable manner, and this includes undertaking initiatives to help conserve the environment for future generations. It truly is a cause for concern that this park, which is a natural gem, has been polluted like this. This unique, low-lying coastal mangrove forest is a haven of biodiversity, home to wide variety of wildlife and plant life. Mangrove forests play an important role in our eco-system, and in conjunction with International Mangrove Day we felt it was timely to raise awareness on this issue.”

“To date, according to statistics by the WWF, over 35% of the world’s mangroves are already gone. We are fortunate to have this nature park here in Malaysia and it should be the joint responsibility of all to protect it. As part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, our ‘Mangrove Warrior’ platform demonstrates our commitment to making a difference. I am also glad to note that our volunteers, or ‘Hartanians’ as they are fondly known, took time out of their weekend to personally take part in this. We hope that we will have more opportunities such as this, and that more Malaysians will join together in efforts to preserve our precious eco-system.”

The KSNP which sits near the mouth of the Selangor River is a sanctuary for many different types of flora and fauna including multiple species of mangrove trees, figs, otters, silvered leaf monkeys, mudskippers, king crabs and 156 species of birds.

Hartalega has a long history of corporate social responsibility initiatives aimed at enriching the lives of Malaysians in the communities it operates in through various avenues including philanthropy, infrastructure support, community building efforts, human capital development and environmental sustainability measures. Through its ongoing community initiatives, Hartalega remains committed to continue making positive contributions for the betterment of society.

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