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Hartalega Alert

Beware of the key tactics by scammers.

11 Nov, 2020

  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in demand for gloves. Attempting to capitalise on the situation, scammers have relentlessly approached potential buyers with false claims. Their claims revolve around having ready stock and allocation of Hartalega’s own brand nitrile and latex gloves, GloveOn. Their fraudulent schemes include claiming to be stock allocators for Hartalega, requesting for payment to be deposited in escrow or third-party accounts and utilising social media to solicit business, among others.
The following table summarises key tactics by scammers:
    Common Tactics by Glove Scammers Clarification from Hartalega
    Claiming to be a broker, authorised agent or authorised representative to sell Hartalega’s brand – GloveOn. We do not authorise any broker or third-party agent to represent us to sell our GloveOn brand for expot purpose. All transactions are handled directly by Hartalega and only emails sent from our domain @hartalega.com.my are genuine.
    Claiming that they are an allocation or capacity holder for Hartalega’s GloveOn brand. Hartalega does not allocate any stock for the GloveOn brand, other than our appointed distributors. When in doubt, kindly contact our sales team at https://hartalega.com.my/contact-us/
    Claiming to have millions of GloveOn ready stock. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a global shortage of gloves. Hence, any claim to have millions of GloveOn stock is untrue.
    Claiming to have production allocation. No production allocation. We produce to order.
    Showing buyers photos and videos of stock in warehouse. Hartalega has a strict no photos and videos policy within our premises.
    Promising buyers viewing of stock at Hartalega’s warehouse. Hartalega does not allow viewing of stock at our warehouse. All gloves are produced to order.
    Claiming that they have stock as they are getting allocation from hospitals, and hence goods need to be transacted via a few parties. Gloves sold to hospitals are not meant to be re-distributed or re-exported.
    Eliciting potential buyers to submit Proof of Funds (POF). Hartalega does not require POF.
    Eliciting potential buyers to make advance payments to third parties or vis Escrow account. Hartalega does not authorise payments via third parties, nor do we utilise Escrow accounts.
    Eliciting potential buyers to make a portion of advance payment to Hartalegas account and the remaining portion to a third-party account. Hartalega does not do this. Payments are not made (in part or in full) through any third parties.
    Eliciting potential buyers to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to Hartalega. Hartalega never request for any submission of an LOI for orders from buyers. Any LOI submitted to Hartalega is not indicative of any order being placed.
    Eliciting potential buyers to sign a Non-Circumvention & Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) with broker/ allocation holders. Hartalega itself does not sign NCNDA, nor do we appoint brokers or third parties to sign NCNDA for the GloveOn brand.
    Soliciting business via social media platforms. Hartalega does not solicit ay business via social media platforms, nor do we appoint any third parties to do so.
    Selling of counterfeit GloveOn products, which uses fake packaging and gloves, and modified or fake documents, certificates, photographs and videos. Counterfeit products do not meet standards and pose a threat to the health and safety of glove users. To help differentiate between genuine and fake GloveOn products, watch this video at http://bit.ly/gloveon-counterfeit
Distribution in Malaysia
  1. Hartalega has appointed the following companies as its local distributors for the resale of its products in Malaysia:
    • Medico Sdn Bhd
    • Alpha Health (M) Sdn Bhd
    • VCC Dental Supply Sdn Bhd
    • Versaden Sdn Bhd
    • QS Dental Supply Sdn Bhd
    • PPE Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
    • AM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd
    • OBTech Corporation Sdn Bhd
  2. The above list is exhaustive and is the current list of Hartalega’s local distributors.
  3. No other company nor person has been appointed by Hartalega as its distributor for the resale of its products in Malaysia other than these companies in the list.
Export Out of Malaysia
  1. Hartalega undertakes by itself the export of all its products.
  2. Any inquiry for purchase of Hartalega’s products outside of Malaysia must be made directly to Hartalega and you may forward your inquiry to our sales team.
  3. Hartalega does not sell its products to any local or Malaysian company to be exported out of Malaysia.
  4. Hartalega has no agreement or arrangement with any local or Malaysian company for the resale its products outside of Malaysia.

Hartalega advises buyers to remain vigilant. All orders go through Hartalega directly and only emails sent from our domain @hartalega.com.my are genuine.

When in doubt, kindly contact our sales team.

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