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Product Development

Since 1993, Hartalega has led the way with innovative product development by inventing original products, with global impact. Our dedication to developing new and innovative gloves reflects our commitment to future progress. As Hartalega moves from strength-to-strength, new technologies will be continuously embraced and introduced.

AMG ANTIMICROBIAL GLOVE :A NOVEL APPROACH IN PREVENTING HAIsContrary to conventional medical gloves that serve only as a passive barrier between microbes and your hands, AMG antimicrobial gloves can play a critical role to reduce the spread of infections by using its killing mechanism.

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Polymer Coated Latex Powder-free Gloves

One of Hartalega’s many landmark achievements was to be the first in the world to apply an online coating of polyurethane on the donning side of latex gloves. This new technology greatly reduced the discomforts associated with conventional latex gloves, such as stickiness, unpleasant odour, poor physical properties. It also improved the health, safety and environmental issues caused by off-line chlorination.

Soft Nitrile Gloves

When Hartalega introduced the world’s first soft Nitrile gloves in 2002, the Industry was prompted to enter a new era. These new gloves were soft and stretchy, just like natural rubber gloves, and resolved the issues of high price, poor comfort and the suboptimal elasticity of conventional Nitrile gloves.

High Stress Retention Nitrile Gloves

In 2005 Hartalega caused another global shift in the market, with the introduction of the world’s first high stress retention Nitrile glove. This new innovation improved elasticity and comfort to an even greater extent; emulating the feel of natural rubber glove without the rising concerns of protein allergen.

This increased retention level, which is a measure of elasticity, meant gloves were able to deliver a continual skin-tight fit during use. This was another advancement from regular nitrile gloves, which could relax and become

The development of high retention gloves also benefited
from being outside the Tillotson’s patent at that time.
This enabled us to deliver a cost-efficient solution to
customers worldwide.

Thin Gauge Nitrile Gloves

In 2005, Hartalega became the first in the world to innovate the thin gauge Nitrile gloves, weighing a mere 4.7 grams. These exhibited an improved tactile sensitivity, yet still maintained a high strength.

Its unrivalled sensitivity, comfort, barrier strength and protein allergen-free attributes triggered hospitals across the USA and Europe, to switch from natural rubber gloves, to the new thin gauge Nitrile gloves.

In 2007, Hartalega surpassed itself once again, with the
introduction of a 3.7-gram version of the thin gauge
Nitrile gloves. These offered an even greater cost
reduction, with a better strength and comfort.