Driven to Deliver Excellence


Hartalega's ground-breaking achievements are a result of our seamless production systems, and uncompromising efficiency. We cultivate a culture of correct practice, resourcefulness and drive to be the best; attributes which have supported the company throughout its growth to become the world's largest supplier of Nitrile gloves.

The leaders and innovators guiding Hartalega through its many successes, are renowned for turning challenges into opportunities, and have demonstrated this with their stand-out decision making from day one.

The inspiring decision to engineer production lines in-house rather than import unreliable ones from overseas, was the first of many brave business moves made by founder Mr Kuan Kam Hon, and sets the precedent for today's global success.

The ingenuity and resourcefulness demonstrated by Mr. Kuan, and actioned by his team of specialist engineers formed a benchmark in Hartalega's history, and signified the beginning of an era where all key productions systems and technologies were developed in-house. In this way, Hartalega improved efficiency and surpassed industry standards.

This philosophy of innovative excellence is steeped into the culture of Hartalega today and drives us to push the boundaries of invention and technology in order to produce the best clinical gloves in the world.

As consumer demands increase, and market trends evolve, Hartalega will endeavour to adapt, grow and deliver excellence in order to sustain our pole position, at the head of the industry.