The Hartanians

Meet the Hartanians

The Hartanians

When you become a part of the Hartalega family, you will recognise that we do things differently. As a Hartanian, you will be helped to be driven, and to fulfil your true potential, synchronously with the aims and aspirations of the company.

You will also be guided, and assisted by all your colleagues, in an effort to create an inclusive, rewarding and teamwork-based atmosphere. Above all, you will learn how to become an innovator at heart, constantly looking for ways to improve, enhance and share knowledge.

Here's what some of our current Hartanians have to say about us:

Hartalega has been a home to me, a place where we celebrate
new challenges and opportunities for a greater future.

  • Mohd Ikbar Norullah Bin Md Taib

    Mohd Ikbar Norullah Bin Md Taib

    Manager, Production

    "Having been with Hartalega for more than 6 years, the training modules have really empowered me and helped me to grow professionally and personally as well."
  • Chin Mei Qi

    Chin Mei Qi

    Senior Executive, Human Resource

    "Hartalega gives me not only job stability but also financial security. I managed to earn my first bucket of gold and settled my education loan. Now, I’m looking forward to owning my very first home."
  • Joshua Paulraj A/L Nallathambi

    Joshua Paulraj A/L Nallathambi

    Engineer, Quality Assurance

    "We are highly team driven and Hartagize is a great platform for this. Not only sports and physical activities, volunteering together in community outreaches breaks the boundaries between race and religion. This portrays the colourfulness of Hartalega."
  • Che Hasmah Binti Ahmad

    Che Hasmah Binti Ahmad

    Senior Executive, Sales

    "I am very happy with the benefits and incentive programs offered by Hartalega. Hartalega helped me to support my children’s education and family life."
  • Kalaiarasi A/P Shunmugam

    Kalaiarasi A/P Shunmugam

    Senior Executive, Human Resource

    "Hartalega has been a home to me, a place where we celebrate new challenges and opportunities for a greater future."
  • Lim Siew Boon

    Lim Siew Boon

    Assistant Manager, General Operation

    "I chose Hartalega because it is a leading glove maker in terms of advanced technology and innovative product design. Unlike other companies, I really work well with my team mates and enjoy opportunities to learn and improve my skills set. I truly believe that Hartalega is the place to reap the rewards of a successful and fruitful career."
  • Ahmad Reza bin Ahmad Ridzuan

    Ahmad Reza bin Ahmad Ridzuan

    Manager, Quality Assurance

    "It's all about values for me. Before I joined Hartalega, I heard they provide Financial Stability, Knowledge Improvement and Good Career Prospects. It was not very long after I joined Hartalega when I realised that what I heard were all true!"