Built to Support Global Market Demands


Hartalega’s infrastructure is currently built to support the production of 39 billion gloves per year. We operate from two main sites – 5 plants at Bestari Jaya, spanning an area of 37 acres; and 7 plants to be commissioned at Sepang, called Hartalega Next Generation Complex (NGC), encompassing an area of 112 acres. Our dedicated production lines aggregating to 122 lines in total, are designed in-house, applying custom built and cutting edge technologies to serve the global market with speed, efficiency and quality.

Each and every one of our production facility is built to deliver:

Speed & Efficiency

The Hartalega production lines operate at a rate of 45,000 pieces per hour, setting an industry benchmark. This speed, combined with our efficient production process, is key to our ongoing success, and what places us at the forefront of the global glove manufacturing industry. All our facilities are built with an integrated supply chain system, which swiftly transports gloves directly to packaging and delivery, eradicating unnecessary delays.

Our output per square meter is also among the highest in the industry, and yet we maintain comparatively small footprints. Labour costs are minimalised with the use of production automation, which also guarantees
consistent quality standards.


Quality is of paramount importance to the production of our clinical gloves, and continues to be synonymous with the Hartalega brand, as we expand globally. Our commitment to supplying a consistently high quality glove to the worldwide market is unwavering. These high standards are upheld using clear-cut internal quality controls, which exceed international regulatory standards.


Hartalega’s ability to cater to the market demand, for both Nitrile, and Latex gloves, is integral to our success as a manufacturer. All of our production lines are interchangeable, with the capability of producing either Nitrile or Latex gloves according to specific customer requirements, and without incurring extra costs. This functionality also equips us with the ability to respond to changing market trends with ease, invaluable to supporting our status as worldwide industry leaders.


Awareness, mindfulness and consciousness toward the environment is integral to Hartalega’s values. Our ecological mind-set and strong sense of responsibility towards protecting our planet is evident throughout the production process. Advanced environmental control equipment often means that we exceed required environmental standards.