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The future of gloves in our hands

With our insatiable culture that is driven to deliver, we hope to push the boundary of research & development and of gloves. After all, your protection is of utmost importance to us. Yes, each and every one of you. Our workforce of 8,400 people and counting across multiple manufacturing facilities do us proud in this endeavour, working selflessly to deliver. They help us constantly outdo ourselves.

Hartalega is where it is today because of our deep commitment to innovation. We worked hard to come up with advanced proprietary manufacturing technology that is still unrivalled to this day. It ensures equal parts focus on quality and equal parts efficiency, so that no shortcuts are taken when it comes to your safety. As we grow Hartalega, we grow together.

Current production capacity

35 billion

gloves annually
Targeted production capacity

44.6 billion

gloves annually

Our vision

To be the Number One glove company that produces and delivers the best and most innovative gloves in the world; and to be recognised as a caring company to the community and environment

Our Vison Image
Our Mission Image

Our mission

To deliver the best possible protection to people who work with their hands in exposed and challenging environments by providing consistently superior, safer, and more convenient gloves in chosen product markets.


Touching the lives around us

We truly believe that our business exists to continue enriching lives, the lives of our people and our community. Every aspect of our business involves touching lives, be it directly or indirectly, as we continue to make a positive impact to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Our journey towards touching lives across the globe encapsulates our commitment to growing sustainably. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible protection not just for our customers, but also for our people. We envision building a sustainable future for the prosperity of the world and a better tomorrow for our children. Testament to our efforts, we have embarked on various social and sustainable projects and have received multiple ratings from the regulators.

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Leading Hartelga to new Heights